Money Tree Plant: Care Instructions, Symbolism, and Feng Shui.

A money tree plant is a great addition to any home or office. They have simple care instructions, and can bring wealth and abundance to your life.
money tree

Money Tree Plants Make a Great Addition to Any Home or Office

A popular plant to have in a house is the money tree plant. It’s easy to care for and makes an excellent gift for anyone who likes plants. The financial rewards that this plant is said to bring, make it a wanted item in many homes and offices.

What’s In This Post:

This care instruction guide will give you information about the money tree plant including symbolism, how to care for it, what type of soil to use, and much more.

What Is The Money Tree?

Money growing on trees and worker, conceptual collage
Money tree and worker, conceptual collage

The money tree plant has been around for thousands of years and is still popular today. Originating in central and south America, it’s known by many names such as the money plant, pachira plant, or Malabar chestnut.

The Leaves Resemble Money

The leaves are said to resemble five-dollar bills which is where they got their name. The money tree has been known to attract money, prosperity, and wealth.

A green money plant

Wealth Through Transferrence

Many people keep this houseplant around so these traits can be brought into their lives.

Max Height of a Money Tree

A money tree plant can grow up to ten feet in height with the right care. It has trunks that are about an inch in diameter. They are usually easy to find for sale at many home or garden centers including Walmart, Kmart, or Lowes among others.

A nice green plant (Pachira Aquatica)

Money Tree Plants Can Help You Attract Wealth and Abundance

The money tree plant is a popular symbol of wealth and abundance. When you have this plant in your home or office, it is said to help you attract money and financial success. The money tree is also said to bring luck, and fortune into your life.


Having a money tree in your space is a great way to invite these blessings into your life. You’ll begin to notice money finding its way into your life.

The money tree plant is an easy-care houseplant that can live for many, many years with the proper care. It is said to bring money into your space.

Keep Out Bad Vibes

The money tree plant can also help decrease the chances of money-related mishaps, problems, or even accidents from occurring in your life. If you have money troubles or money issues, this houseplant can help you with those concerns.

money growing on a tree concept, endless reserve

It is even known to help heal which makes it a wise addition to any home or office space.


Money trees thrive and will grow well whether kept indoors or outdoors during the warmer months. Many times it is put outside during the warm months and brought back inside for the winter months.

Houseplant Crassula ovata jade plant opposite the white wall.

Feng Shui Cornerstone Plant

The braided trunk of the Chinese Money Tree is said to be able to contain wealth within its folds. In East Asia, the braided money tree is known as a mythical plant.

The Five Leaves

The five leaves that usually appear on a stem are believed to represent the five forces of equilibrium: ground, fire, water, air, and steel.

Tall 7 Leaved Plants (Rare roots)

It is extremely difficult to discover a stalk with seven leaves, and it is also thought to be incredibly rare. If you should find yourself in possession of this rare of a braided money tree plant, your fortune shall be that much greater.

Lively Root

Be sure to take extra care of the roots and the pot of this native plant. Its lively root will be sure to require high contrast of light and soil. I just like saying lively root. 😉

Boy holding tree with exposed roots

Money Trees are Great Plants for your Office.

When you have a money tree in your home or office, it is said to help you attract money and financial success. The money tree is also said to bring good luck, and prosperity into your life.

Your Plant Arrived Happily (let’s keep it that way)

Having a money tree in your space is a great way to invite these blessings into your life. You’ll begin to notice money finding its way into your life. It’s almost like magic when you think about it.

Easy to Care For

The money tree plant is an easy-care houseplant that can live for many, many years with the proper care. It also brings with it a feng shui which makes it a wise addition to any home or office space.

When the money tree plant arrived in America during the 1980s they become popularized and quickly caught on to be a staple in homes and offices alike.

(Pachira Aquatica)

Money Tree Plant Care (Caring for a braided money tree)

Money tree plants are easy to care for, but there are a few things you should know before getting started. If taken care of properly, a money tree plant will live for a very long time.

The Following Care Instructions

House plants require particular treatment, especially in indoor environments. These care instructions are for braided money trees.

If your plant dies make sure you explain to the plant shop you bought it from how. I am sure they will want more details.

In the Company of Other Plants

Because of their braided trunk, they provide a great shape and are a lively root. They love bright indirect light and are ok to be around other indoor plants.

Their soil should be kept moist but not wet. The pot should be large enough to inspire blossoming.

Braided money trees do best if they are moved very infrequently.

It’s a good idea to keep your Money Tree in one location for at least a few months. They enjoy remaining in the same position. If you must relocate your Money Tree, expect to see some foliage fall.

Not to worry—it will adjust.

(Pachira Aquatica)


For optimum health, position your Money Tree in medium to bright indirect light, turning it every time you water it for uniform development of leaves and branches. This plant will also thrive under low and fixture lights. If you don’t have a spot with the ideal light for your Money Tree, consider using a Grow Light!

A money tree requires regular light, but direct sunlight will scorch its leaves. It grows naturally in the partial shade beneath the canopy of other trees, so provide it with similar conditions in your house.

If your plant leaves are green then you have the lighting right. If they start to turn brown then you may want to move the money tree into a low light place as far from direct sun as possible.


The Money Tree prefers a deep, but infrequent watering. When the top 50% to 75% of the soil is dry, water your Money Tree. Water the plant until it runs from the drainage holes, then drain any extra water from the saucer.

To prevent root rot, make sure these beautiful plants are never immersed in water. If the drainage holes become clogged, it will be harder to avoid root rot. Try to keep the soil moist but not soaking wet.

Is the Soil Dry?

Make sure that your drainage hole is not too large. This tree does best when there is more room around its canopy. Good drainage is key, but the pot needs to be large enough to support the tall plant.


Due to its preference for humidity, your Money Tree will thrive in a pebble tray or a humidifier. It’ll also benefit from being sprayed with water on a daily basis using a Mister.

Colder Months

In the winter you will expect your tree to dry out a bit more. Be sure your new plant remains a beautiful plant, by spraying it with some water. Be sure to avoid water spillage.


Your money tree is happiest with a temperature range between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. That leaves a lot of room for error with this indoor plant.

A good way to know if the temp is right is if the leaves are a nice green color. Be sure to inspect the leaves often and note the color. If they start to turn brown there is a good chance that the temp is too hot.

houseplant Crassula ovata jade plant in white pot


Fertilize your money tree plant with a water-soluble, well-balanced plant food at half the suggested strength once a month in the spring and summer. During the winter, when plant growth naturally slows, no fertilizer is required.

Water-soluble fertilizer will help the money tree thrive. It enhances the green coloration of leaves which are not expensive looking yet. Plus, money tree plants are just good to have around! They are fun to grow and easy to care for so it’s a win-win situation for sure!

Fertilize only in the spring and summer when you expect your money tree plant is actively growing.


If you need to prune your Money Tree, use clean, sharp Plant Snips.

Encourage New Growth

To encourage new growth, prune brown leaves throughout the year. Every year or two, repot your money tree plant in a slightly larger container. This will encourage it to thrive. Fertilize it twice a year (in the spring and fall) with time-release money tree plant fertilizer.

shovel, sprout and empty pot on kraft paper

Is it safe for pets?

This non-toxic plant will be one of the best plant orders you ever make. Your pets will love this beautiful plant. Pets love getting new plants just as much as you do. With how simple it is to maintain money tree plants, this tall tree will be a great pet-friendly addition.

Money Tree Plants are Believed to be Lucky

Money tree plants bring luck to the owner. If kept in the perfect place, a money tree can give the gift of abundance and good fortune to those who own them.

Money Tree Plants Come in a Variety of Sizes

Money trees, like all other shrubs, can grow to be more than 60 feet tall in the wild, but they will generally only reach 6 to 8 feet tall indoors and can also be trained as a bonsai if desired.

The secret to growing a braided money tree inside is providing it with the appropriate amount of sunlight and water. With the proper plant care, you can grow the perfect one for your space.

Positive Energy

If you’re looking for a way to bring some positive energy into your home or office, consider adding a money tree plant to your decor.

houseplant crassula ovata jade plant

Spruce Up the Room with a Braided Money Tree Plant.

A braided money tree is a great way to add some life and color to any room in your house. Money tree plants can help improve air quality and reduce stress levels, making them a beneficial living companion inside your home.

With a money tree plant, you can bring money and luck to any room in the house.

Pachira aquatica

The money tree, Pachira aquatica, is a popular houseplant. The plant is also known as Malabar chestnut and Saba nut.

The foliage of gold-leaf palm is sparse and narrow. It requires little maintenance once it has been planted in an artificial environment, such as a home or office. The trunk of the tree is usually braided together, making this plant a low-maintenance option for artificially lit rooms.

Good Fortune

Money trees are sometimes associated with good fortune, which is one of the reasons why they are grown in homes and offices.

Symbolism (On a positive note)

Money growing on trees concept
Money growing on trees concept

There are many different meanings associated with money trees. Some people believe that they bring good luck and money to the owner, while others believe that they help improve air quality and reduce stress levels.

Money trees are also often braided together, which is a symbol of unity and strength.

Perhaps money trees are a symbol of good luck and riches. In the bedroom, money trees can promote restful sleep through aromatherapy.

For money tree plants in the bedroom, place money trees at least three feet away from a bed so that their energy doesn’t interfere with sound sleep.

Living Space

A money tree plant in your living space is a wonderful way to bring money and wealth into your home.

Money tree plants have been used for hundreds of years as a traditional decoration, and it is believed they help bring money and good luck to the owner.

These plants are a symbol of good luck and prosperity, making them the perfect gift for someone special. Give one to your boss or bring one to your office for a little extra luck.

Multifunctional living space
Multifunctional living space

Sacred Gift

They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness while they work, and it will make them feel special if you give it to anyone.

The money tree is considered to be sacred in China, while it has been used as decoration in the West for centuries.

Wellness, mental health. Gift for meditation at home with palo santo care aromatherapy,

Decorate Your money Tree

Decorate your money tree plant by hanging red or gold charms over it. This will add a traditional look to your money tree plant’s decor.

Where to buy Soil?

Money tree plants and soil can be found at most garden centers or online retailers. The best company we know that sells these plants is 9GreenBox. You can find them on Amazon here:

Walmart and Home depot also sell money tree plants. Just check that the plants are in season before you head to the nursery. Most places offer delivery but be sure to check.


How do you know if a money tree is healthy?

The top inch should give you a good sense of your plant’s health. If it is dry then you need to add water.

Water your Money Tree every now and again if it seems dry; otherwise, the leaves will wilt and die. If your Money Tree goes too long without water, its leaves will entirely turn brown and may even fall off the plant.

Don’t Let it Dry Out

This is a significant worry for the plant and will need to be replaced if this happens.

Water your money tree plant regularly and make sure the pot is draining extra water. If it sits in too much water, you run the risk of causing the roots to rot and die.

Water drops, drops of water on leaves
Water drops, drops of water on leaves

Don’t Overwater Either

An overwatered money tree will not only wilt but its leaves as well as develop a yellowish tint.

Yellow Leaves

If money tree’s leaves are turning yellow, it is an early sign of getting too much water or sun exposure. It can also mean that the money tree plant soil needs to be replaced with fresh potting soil.

White Spots

Sometimes money trees will get white spots on its leaves if they’re not getting enough light. Move your money tree plant to a sunnier location for better leaves.


If the money tree is wilting, the money tree plant needs more water. Make sure it drains excess water from its pot so that it doesn’t have to sit in wet soil.

In most cases money trees will be firm and strong- they shouldn’t wilt too often if they are healthy money trees.

natural beige wilting autumn plant close up

Falling Leaves

If leaves are falling off the money tree, then it is likely that your money tree is dying and needs to be cared for immediately.

Money Tree’s Growth Rate

In their natural habitat money trees can grow anywhere from two feet to 10 feet tall. However, in a pot the money tree plant will only grow about a foot or two at best before it becomes too heavy for the plant and pot to hold up.

houseplant Crassula ovata jade plant in white pot

Manage Height

If money trees grow too tall or large, it can cause a money tree’s leaves to droop because of its weight. Ideally money trees should be between 1-2 feet tall, more than anything money tree plants need frequent trimming so that they do not get too big for their pots.

How to Trim a Money Tree

A money tree’s leaves will naturally start drooping if it is overgrown. Use scissors to carefully trim your money tree up so that they don’t get too big for their pots or out of proportion with the rest of your decor.

Up close shot of plant, sunlight through leaves

Trimming Makes Way

Trimming money tree plants makes them healthier because it allows air and light through the leaves, which allows the money tree to grow faster.

The money tree will grow new money tree plant growth at the site of an old leaf or stem that has been cut off.

Bring Back to Life

For this reason, a money tree should never be completely dead; you can cut a money tree plant all the way back and they will still come back healthy and new.

Green plant with coins

Don’t Cut Too Low

Never cut the money tree too low because their money tree plant bulbs are what put out money tree growth. If you trim money trees lower than this, you could end up killing money tree plants!

How to Grow Money Tree Plant Fast

The best way to grow this plant fast is by making sure that your money tree plant has access to water and sunlight. Water money tree plants when the money tree plant-soil starts to feel dry.

Race Car Driver Celebrating Victory

Best Companion Plants

Plants that like a similar light, so they can be set together in your home. Plants that like similar environments can be planted together, as in a dish garden.

Best Pot For Money Tree Plant

The best pot for a money tree plant is a pot with drainage holes at the bottom so that the money tree plant can get extra water out. The pot should also be big enough so that the money tree plant doesn’t become too big and droop its leaves.

Be Choosy When You Buy

A quick note about finding a money tree nursery… If you find a money tree nursery with money trees for sale, do NOT buy it right away.

There are many money trees that look the same and you want to make sure you pick the best money tree!


Since money tree plants are not picky about their care, they are a great money plant to own and live with!

They make great plants for beginners. If you are looking for a money tree, there is a chance that your life is about to get a whole lot better.

May you find what you are looking for on your search and please leave a comment with a link to a picture of your beautiful new plant.

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