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How To Charge Your Crystals

Charging your crystals is an essential part of owning them. It helps to keep them energized and cleansed, which in turn keeps you healthy and happy. Here are a few tips on how to charge your crystals effectively.

If you own a lot of crystals, you probably already have a good maintenance plan however, if you’re expanding your collection of crystals, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing all you can to get the most out of them.

What Are Crystals Used For?

Amethyst healing crystals

Crystals are used to reduce stress and promote well-being. Crystal mystics believe that crystals work energetically and radiate natural vibrations throughout the cosmos.

Crystals may have to travel long distances before they are purchased. Each time the stone is altered, it is exposed to energies that may be misaligned with your own.

The stones are also supposed to absorb or divert negative energy while in use for their therapeutic effects.

Recharging and cleaning your stones on a regular basis is the only way to get them back to their original form. This kind of act may re-establish your sense of purpose.

Is It Necessary To Charge And Cleanse My Crystals?

Crystal Healing Therapy with Purple Amethystine Quartz Crystal
Crystal Healing Therapy with Purple Amethystine Quartz Crystal

Since magic is based on concentration and intent, charging and cleaning crystals are necessary. The ritual of utilizing stones involves making a commitment to working with a specific one.

It’s also a good idea to meditate while holding your stones to see what they can do for you. It’s also critical to cleanse your crystals because they might gather energy and pass it on. They won’t be as successful if you don’t clean them

The aim of charging a crystal is to recharge and amplify its inherent energy. All that remains now is to program the crystals. “Cleansing” or “clearing” is the process of eliminating any previous energies or thought forms connected with the stone.

How Do I Charge My Crystals For The First Time?

Crystal Grid

Your energy merges with that of the crystals when you focus and appreciate them. The crystal gives new vitality, which you absorb, feel, and project back to it. One must constantly interact with a crystal in order for its energy benefits to be realized.

If the connection between crystals isn’t recognized, the crystal will lack natural energy. This is why someone may spend their entire life surrounded by healing stones but still not benefit from it. They have a physical location with other crystals, but they don’t commune with them on a spiritual level.

Even if you try to interact with a stone, it may eventually cease to function. Your crystal is energetically clogged, similar to a blocked nose, and can’t operate effectively with your energy.

Crystals should be kept in the light. To purify and energize your crystals, leave them in the dark for a while. This might take years; therefore, we must use different crystal charging strategies to charge and cleanse our stones.

Sunlight And Moonlight

Healing crystals, elixir, palo santo, white sage bundle on abalone sea shell, dry healing herbs

To charge gemstones, simply exposing them to sunlight or moonlight is a quick and easy method. Your crystals may be swiftly cleansed of negative energies and ideas and recharged with beneficial, positive energy from the cosmos.

Direct sunlight or moonlight is an ideal lighting condition.

The greatest way to get the most out of your crystal is to leave it out in the sunlight and moonlight for the whole day at a time.

Water Cleansing

Crystal clear

Water is another significant energy source. Crystals can be charged by soaking them in salt water for many hours and resting. Even if you don’t have access to a body of water, you may achieve a similar result with salt and tap water.

Natural re-purification methods include rivers and streams, although ocean water is commonly regarded to be the most effective.

Earth Generating Chargeability

Draw in natural earth energy to charge your crystals. With this natural charging technique, your crystals may resume their potent healing energies.

Stay On Top Of Charging Your Crystals

Charging crystals are necessary in order to gain the positive and healing energy you need to improve a number of elements of your life. You may utilize a wide range of stones, such as soft stones, rose quartz, or clear quartz. Keep in mind that you must choose one that is suited to your needs.

How Do You Recharge Crystals?

Crystal therapy

1. Make a Crystal Charging Station

One approach to enjoy doing it repeatedly is to build a decent charging station for your crystals. You may decorate the charging station however you like, but don’t forget to meditate and absorb “good” and “white” energy into it.

2. Put Them Outside In The Sun

To maximize the potency of your crystals, expose them to sunshine on a daily basis. This may be difficult in some areas, but if you have the chance, do it all. Keep them as far apart as possible to avoid casting a shadow on one another and obtaining as much light as feasible.

3. Put Them Under The Moon

You may smudge your crystals with sage and lay them beneath the moonlight to cleanse them once a month using your new moon ritual. It will still work if the sky is overcast or if it’s only on the windowsill. A crystal that has been properly cleansed will feel lighter, and the energy within it should be stronger.

4. Bury Your Crystals So They Sit In The Soil

Burying your crystals in the earth for a night will assist them reconnect with the earth. If you don’t have a garden, growing indoor plants with soil is just as effective.

5. Singing Bowl

The power of sound may also be utilized to charge gems. A singing bowl is created by hammering or casting five to seven different metals together, giving it a unique tone. Healing crystals can be charged using a singing bowl, as seen here:

  • You may put the crystals inside the bowl or outside of it.
  • Gently tap the bowl’s edges using a mallet in a clockwise direction.
  • Stick with it for a couple of minutes.

Where Do I Charge My Crystals?

Gemstones, crystal stones, crystal power


You may also charge crystals and give them a little boost of feminine energy by using the moonlight rather than cleansing it. Breakups, relocation, and other life changes necessitate peace meditation and inner wisdom, which the moonlight energy can provide.

You may anticipate waning energy, a feeling of release, as the full moon fades away to reveal the new moon in all its terrible mystery during a full moon. The energy of a young moon (when it can’t be seen and is merely beginning to grow into a complete moon) is one of expansion. It’s possible to use each phase’s energies to boost (or charge) your crystal’s objective.


The sun provides a heavenly light energy, and the sunlight is considered brilliant and powerful. There is a lot of power in the sunshine. It advances, feeds, and nurtures itself.

Because the sun is so strong, it may charge gems. If your stones are not sensitive to light and have been cleansed using another method, you may utilize the sun to charge them. You may also use direct sunlight for cleaning your stones in addition to the sea salt and water technique.

If you’re unsure, try soaking the crystal in a saltwater solution and then exposing it to sunshine. The sun energizes cleansing water and charges the stone during a thorough wash.


It’s a great idea to charge stones with the energy of tremendous changes using solar and lunar eclipses. If you believe your life has gotten stale and you want to change it, you may use eclipse energies to charge your crystals and embark on a large journey of transformation. Lunar eclipse energies create enormous transformations within yourself, whereas solar eclipse energies produce external modifications, bringing substantial change to your outside world. Prepare for an adventure filled with surprises when utilizing eclipse powers to power a stone.


Some stones, on the other hand, must be returned to Mother Earth for healing and rejuvenation. A stone may be buried in two ways: straight into the ground or in a suitable container for later recovery. How long a crystal should be buried is determined by how strong its energy has grown.

Final Thoughts:

Crystals have a wide range of magical properties that may be utilized to enhance and even create one’s ideal life. They allow you to channel energy and intention flexibly and straightforwardly. Charging and purifying them might help you direct that energy and keep it pure and free from undesirable emanations in the area. It is crucial to recharge and cleanse crystals on a regular basis in order for you to achieve your objective and allow the crystal to regain its strength.


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