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How to Register to Vote

Voting season is upon us! To ensure your ability to participate in choosing the next United States government, along with your local and state officials, you must obtain a voter registration...
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Here’s How

Each state sets its own voter registration deadline for the next election. To find out when your state’s deadline is, you can go to your state’s official gov websites or

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If you miss the current voter registration deadline, fill out a voter registration application and prepare for the next election day. It’s never too early to register to vote.

Am I eligible? If you are a U.S. citizen and have never been convicted of a felony, almost surely. Any questions about voting eligibility can be answered here.

Can I register online?

Voting on the computer

Technology has made obtaining a voter registration or checking voter registration status easier than ever.

An official government organization called the U.S. Election Assistance Commission is a federal voting assistance program that offers a national mail voter registration form. It can be used to register to vote, update voter information, or register for party affiliation.

A county elections office can answer any questions you have about online voter registration for your state or locality. You can find one using this handy website safely connected to services provided by the federal government at USA.Gov.

Voter Registration Deadline


The registration deadline is often different online than in person or through a completed form so remember to check with election officials for important voter registration deadline dates.

But is it safe? Sensitive information shared in a voter registration application is generally secure, but nothing is impervious to nefarious actors. Just something to ponder.

Many states use their own secure websites to allow you to register online. Visit your state’s website to find out.

What if I Would Rather Do it in Person?

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Do you have a driver’s license? Did you get a voter registration through your state’s department of motor vehicles, often called “Motor Voter”. Do you need to renew your driver’s license? Many states allow you to register during this process. Check your state DMV for services.

If you did not vote recently or do not have a voter registration card it is prudent to contact a local or county election official.

They are able to mail you the correct form and answer any questions you may have about the process to register to vote. Any anxiety you may have about election day can be assuaged by talking to a person or arranging a visit to the local election office. The address for the closest location can be found here.

Not computer savvy?

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Don’t worry. Voters are still able to obtain or submit any forms needed to register to vote in person or by mail. Either visit or call any local government official. If they cannot personally help you to register, they will tell you who can and provide any necessary information.

Most local government offices have services for voters or can answer questions about who is eligible, where to vote, how to register to vote, or the address of the election office.

Local Government

Manhattan Municipal Building at sunset - New York, USA

Depending on the size of your county, voter services may be at the same address as a municipal building, but they may not. Every county is different so contact your local government for questions. Any form necessary will be available to fill out and easy to submit no matter when the next election day occurs.

Do I Need to Pick a Party Affiliation?

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Some states restrict which voters can vote in party primaries though, so it may be an important question to think about before you register to vote.

All political parties love to register new voters so if you have a favorite, you can ask members questions about how to register or the voting process.

On Election Day

After you register to vote, you may receive a voter registration card via the mail. It often contains your voting location or if you can vote online.

Local Election Office

Regardless, all important information and sometimes even a sample ballot can be obtained from your local election office or your local government website.

On the big day – Make sure you know the exact location of your polling place. You can check here. Remember to bring any ID, if that is a requirement. You can check here.

Now go register to vote!

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