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5 Super Shady Facts About Hunter Biden The Mainstream Media Has Ignored

Did the United States elect its most corrupt President ever in 2020? Hunter Biden may hold the answer, but the mainstream media won't ask the questions.
5 Super Shady Facts About Hunter Biden The Mainstream Media Has Ignored

The 2020 Presidential election outcome begs many questions. One fact that can no longer be called “misinformation” is the infamous Hunter Biden laptop.

It does exist and it DID BELONG to Hunter Biden, son of the current President of the United States. The media, along with big tech, hid this information from the public until after the election.

Did it effect the final outcome of the 2020 Presidential election? Maybe.

Its not the only evidence of Hunter Biden corruption, ignored by the mainstream media.

Hunter Biden Lives Amid A Hurricane of Corruption But Gets A Pass From the Media.

  1. Hunter Biden takes up painting and immediately sells his work for $75,000 a pop. If only we could throw some pastels at a canvass, with the skill of a moderately talented preteen, and walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.
It has that, attached to the refrigerator with a magnet, quality.

2. If getting paid for doodles isn’t ridiculous enough, the art dealer “showing” Hunter Biden’s paintings got $500,000 in COVID loans. Much of it just in time for Hunter Biden’s art show. Coincidence? Was it used to help Hunter Biden sell his paintings?

All questions that Joe Biden never got asked.

3. Before Ukraine was everyone’s favorite military underdog, it was a corrupt clearing house for pay offs to the Biden family. Before Hunter Biden was a famous artist, the notorious crack head, was fetching a seven figure salary to sit on the Board of Directors for dubious Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings Ltd.

Joe Biden famously bragged about withholding US money from the Ukrainian government unless the prosecutor investigating Burisma was fired.

Think about that.

Joe Biden threatened to withhold aid to a foreign country, unless that country’s top prosecutor, who was investigating his son’s employer, WAS FIRED.

The accusations remain unanswered.

4. Hunter Biden was never a loyal paramour. Ukraine was a barely a part time, side piece, compared to the money coming in from China. Joe Biden has been soft on China for a reason. Hunter Biden spent years secretly traveling to China, allegedly, setting up deals connected to the highest levels of Chinese Intelligence.

Did Chinese officials use Hunter Biden to influence United States policy? Did the Obama administration ignore China moving into Africa to consolidate important rare resources?

Besides, I am quite sure, a life long grifter like Hunter Biden, didnt receive lavish gifts for his friendship.

There is evidence that Hunter Biden was the bag man for deals that effect the security of the United States. Deals that may benefit and connect to, President Joe Biden.

When was the last time a corporate media “journalist” addressed these accusations?

5. Joe Biden may have paid for Hunter Biden’s drugs and prostitutes.

The President and his son’s finances are completely combined. Any investigation into Hunter Biden necessarily includes Joe Biden. That means the sitting President may have a bank account full of bribes this very second.

How is this NOT being investigated?

If a tree falls in the woods but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

As much as I despise it, the mainstream media drives the focus of America’s attention. They have mastered the “LOOK SQUIRREL” method of “journalism”. It was Trump, then Covid, and now its Ukraine.

Anything to keep Hunter Biden out of the headlines.


Hunter Biden’s shady deals are not going away.

The Biden’s corruption is so deep and infects so many, it will be burdensome to bury forever.

How long will the media succeed in keeping the country distracted? How long until the damage is irreversible.

Is the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, compromised?

Unless we stand up and demand an answer, the mainstream media will refuse to ask these questions.

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